Periodontal Care in Las Vegas

Periodontal disease (gum disease) affects a huge proportion of American adults. It’s estimated that around 50% of all Americans have some level of periodontal disease.

This can range from a relatively harmless case of gum inflammation to serious late-stage periodontal disease that can result in tooth loss, or life-threatening infection.

At Smiles For Life Family Dentistry, we specialize in gum disease treatment and periodontal care. If you suspect you may be suffering from periodontal disease, come to our dental office in Spring Valley right away!

Periodontal Disease – The Basics

Periodontal disease refers to any inflammation of the gums and underlying bone or tissue. This inflammation is caused by plaque. The bacteria in plaque can build up over time if you are not taking care of your teeth, infecting your gums, teeth, and eventually the underlying bone.

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease. It’s caused by a buildup of toxins between the teeth and gumline, resulting in issues like bad breath, bleeding during brushing and flossing, and darkened or receding gums.Gingivitis can usually be treated by a simple professional cleaning, as well as a more comprehensive oral care regimen. The damage caused by gingivitis is usually reversible.

Periodontitis occurs when gingivitis is not addressed, and the supporting fibers and bone that support your teeth are infected and damaged. Your gums may recede and form “pockets” below the gumline. This can trap food and plaque, which causes further damage.

Periodontitis can be treated by scaling and root planing (SRP). In this process, plaque and tartar are removed by scraping them off your teeth and root surfaces.

If you are suffering from pockets, a pocket reduction procedure may be undertaken. The gum tissue is folded back and infected tissue is removed from the pockets, allowing gum tissue to reattach to healthy bone.

Advanced Periodontitis is the most serious form of gum disease. In this stage of the disease, the bone and fibers that support your teeth may be almost entirely destroyed, causing loose teeth, or total tooth loss.

Treatment options for advanced periodontitis include the methods mentioned above, as well as tooth pulling, gum grafts to cover the exposed roots of teeth, and bone grafts. Antibiotics may also be required in case of serious infection that spreads throughout the body.

Smiles For Life Family Dentistry – Your Periodontal Care Specialists!

At Smiles for Life Family Dentistry in Las Vegas and Summerlin, Dr. Quinn and Dr. Mitchell are experts at treating every stage of gum disease. Whether you suspect you may have gingivitis, or believe you may have a more serious periodontal problem, we have the expertise you need to restore your oral health!

At our facility, Dr. Quinn and Dr. Mitchell are focused on providing a better level of patient care through education. During your consultation, we show you all of the digital x-rays related to your case, and we use advanced technology like intra-oral cameras and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to check for hidden pathologies, and ensure that we have a full understanding of your condition.

If you are suffering from gum disease, trust the experts. Contact Smiles For Life Family Dentistry online, or give us a call at (702) 795-2273 to schedule an appointment today! You can also visit our offices in person at 8930 W. Sunset Rd. Ste. 190, Las Vegas, NV 89148.

Periodontal Care

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