Sedation Dentistry in Las Vegas

Do you suffer from a fear of the dentist?

As your local Las Vegas dentist, we don’t take it personally, but we do want to change your mind.

Whether going to the dentist makes you anxious, or you struggle with sensitive teeth (or a delicate gag reflex), our doctors can show you options in sedation dentistry to ease your experience and help you feel confident and in control at the dentist.

Don’t let needless worry prevent you from enjoying a healthy, well-cared for smile.

Tooth Pain and Sensitive Teeth

Smiles for Life Dentistry Will Help You Relax With:

  • Treatment administered by experienced sedation dentists
  • A range of options to suit your needs, from mild to deep sedation
  • Total comfort while we provide expert dental work to keep your smile healthy
  • A friendly, caring touch to make you feel right at home—including warm blankets, wireless headphones and television to help you relax

Design The Experience You Desire Most

Comfort dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, refers to a range of treatments that put you at ease in the dentist’s chair—so you get the oral health care you need, without unnecessary stress.

At our office in Las Vegas, we offer:

Oral Conscious Sedation

With oral conscious sedation, Dr. Quinn or Dr. Mitchell will customize the dosage, taken in pill form, to provide the experience that you desire. You take the sedative before your appointment and, when the effects kick in, we begin treatment. With this type of sedation, you can choose to remain aware of everything around you, while experiencing an overall relaxed or drowsy sensation.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is an easy, effective way to alleviate dental anxiety. We’ll use a mask to administer just enough sedative to keep you calm and comfortable during your appointment. All you have to do is sit back and breathe deeply—we’ll take care of the rest. By the time your visit is over, you’ll feel like your normal self.

If you’re interested in sedation dentistry, we can help you understand your options and choose a type and level of sedation that’s best for you.

Patient and Dentist

Are You a Good Candidate for Sedation?

At Smiles for Life Family Dentistry, we have patients that request sedation for a variety of issues:

  • Some people have an extremely low tolerance for pain, or they have extremely sensitive teeth and gums.
  • Other people have a strong gag reflex that makes it difficult to receive dental care.
  • We often suggest sedation for more complex dental work that takes longer to complete.
  • And sometimes, a patient is simply too stressed out, or afraid, to visit the dentist without sedation.

None of these factors should stop you from getting the expert
preventative and corrective dental care
that you need to maintain a healthy smile for life!

Feel at ease in your smile. Sedation dentistry is a proven safe and effective way to overcome common physical and psychological obstacles so that you can experience dental care with ease.

Expertise That Will Knock You Out

Dr. Quinn and his team are here for you. If you think sedation could improve your dental care experience, we’ll set up a consultation to help you understand your options and answer all of your questions.

Sedation is safe and effective for most people, but there are some factors to consider that could lead to complications (such as obesity or sleep apnea). During your consultation, we’ll discuss your medical history and current health picture to see if you’re a good candidate.

If sedation dentistry is appropriate, Smiles for Life Family Dentistry will help you determine what method or treatment option makes the most sense for you.

Our priorities are your safety, oral health and comfort.

Oral Health and Comfort

Relax, We’ll Take Care of You

Smiles for Life Family Dentistry wants you to have the peace of mind that comes with a positive experience at the dentist, because everyone deserves the benefits of lifelong oral health.

To see if sedation dentistry can help you, call us today at (702) 795-2273 to schedule an appointment, or visit our office at 8930 W Sunset Rd #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the very best solution to replace one or more teeth. The only thing better would be a natural tooth. Dental implants are made of titanium but restored with a porcelain crown designed to look like natural teeth while also providing a great deal of strength and chewing capability. At Smiles for Life, we take extra measures to ensure not only your comfort, but the absolute highest success rate possible for our surgical procedures. We also employ CT imaging in our office which will tell us ahead of time exactly what size implant you’re able to tolerate and whether or not you have any unseen complications, thus lowering your surgical risk tremendously. Many more patients are able to receive dental implants thanks to our CT technology. Call today to see if you’re a candidate.


CEREC Crowns

We utilize the CEREC same-day crown technology in our office. This amazing technology allows us to use a 3D camera to scan your teeth instead of taking a messy impression. Then, take that scan and create your all porcelain crown while you wait! There are no more painful temporaries or second visits to get numb again. Whether you’re here on vacation, have a limited schedule, lack transportation or just simply don’t want to keep coming in, you’ve found the right office!


Invisalign / Clear Correct

At Smiles for Life we offer a multitude of cosmetic options for our patients including clear aligners. With these clear retainers, you no longer have to worry about the stigma and poor esthetics of metal braces. Clear aligner braces include a series of clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible and completely removable. You can eat what you want, drink what you want, and brush and floss more thoroughly to keep your dental health in optimal condition. Schedule a consultation today!